Can’t Send Gmail Messages, Not Able to Send or Receive New Emails From Gmail


I know troubles regarding emails is seems very annoying and irritating because you are no longer to send and receive the emails. If you are the same person who facing that issue then you are in right place. Because here I collect some of the beneficial information regarding this issue. You have to just do one thing, kindly follow the points step by step which I share here & damn sure you will definitely capable to overcome of this mail sending and receiving problem.

Not Able to Send or Receive New Emails From Gmail :

-> One of the most valid reasons is due to the change of IP address. If users IP address changes while they logged in then web mail didn’t recognize your new connection and it will automatically log you out. The best possible solution is, immediately contact to your internet service provider and ask them to provide you a static IP address so that web mail didn’t log you out. But if this is also not possible then contact to DHCP lease time which allow your login session to be longer.

-> If there is authentication failed then surely you are not able to send and receive the mails. Because the email server cannot verify your email access is authorized or not. This authentication failure issue occurs when there is mistyped password, incorrect username, blacklisting etc. You can try some points to solve this:

  • You can reset your password
  • Also you can update the password to your new case sensitive password
  • Ensure about your username which is in full email address.

– > This is also happens due to browser issue, so before using your Gmail account kindly check your browser is perfectly working or not because the Gmail is best work in Google chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and safari.

-> Internet related issue can also cause this problem. So immediately contact to your internet service provider or network administrator to troubleshoot this problem and make you error free.

-> In some cases if you send any mails but meanwhile you receive an error message i.e. “error 550” which indicates that you are no longer to send and receive the mails. It means the inbox you are sending to or from is full or may be the mail routing setting in the zone editor is wrong.

If these steps are not enough for you, then directly contact to technical experts for instant support.



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