Forgot My Gmail Password, Recovery Now, How Do You Recover Lost Gmail Password -User Guide


For all of us the password in most important security feature which secure our all personal professional data secures in system or anywhere else. No matter if it is your bank account, ATM pin, system’s password, email password and so on, you secure all your all aspects by entering the password in it. But unfortunately it happen in some rare case where user forget their password and obviously why not, they have to remember numerous of password and that’s might be possible they sometime forget their Gmail password.

Make sure password recovery is not a big deal you can simply follow the procedure whatever asks to you over there. But yes, how can we forget those new users who recently join the email and forget their password. If this happens with you, then no issue because here I describe some of the simple steps to recover the password of Google.

How Do You Recovery Forgot or Lost Gmail Password? Gmail Password Recovery Now

By Gmail website:

  1. First open the Gmail page and click on forget password.
  2. Enter your last remember password and hit the next button. But folks if you didn’t remember any kind of password then hit another option called, try a different question and click on next.
  3. Its verification time, follow the instruction which is given over there, and confirm either with text message, or email.
  4. Then enter the verification code which is sent by the Google. After that enter new strong password so that in future no one can easily hacked it. Again enter the password for confirmation. And click on change password.
  5. Finally you have to click on accept button.

By Gmail app:

  1. Here you have to open your Gmail app and click on add email address. Then click on Google.
  2. Here quickly mention your email, phone number which is associated with your Gmail account.
  3. Then click on next option which is located at lower right corner. After that click on forget password and enter the last remember password. If not, then click try another way to recover.
  4. Time to verification through text, email etc. enter the code here which is sent by the Google and click on next.
  5. Then finally click on accept button.

If you clearly understand these steps then surely you can solve your problem, but if  not then quickly get in touch with technical experts.



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