Gmail Sign in Security Guidelines about How to Protect My Gmail Account from Compromised


Gmail provide better emailing features to its user. It is one of the top email clients of this era. It carries a large number of user email account than other emailing. Many user use Gmail in their personal and professional work. Here are also some people they try to get sign in to other person account to get some secret information from us account, these person called hackers they might be any like your friend, colleague, your beloved, or any other. These days there are also some user complaint arises for account compromised. So it’s very necessary to use some security guidelines to protect your account from compromised.

Gmail Sign in Security Guidelines about How to Protect My Gmail Account from Compromised:

Always login with official web page:

Whenever you get into Gmail account go to the https secure official website of Gmail and then sign in to your Gmail account. if you are using any third party website to get sign in then your account may compromised.

Never share your credential information with others:

If you are sharing your login information with others then your account may hacked. In case if you had shared your credential information with others then immediately changes your password and don’t share this password with anyone.

Always use alpha numeric character in your password:

Keep a strong password for your Gmail account it means your password should be a combination of alpha numeric character and it should be atleast eight characters long.

Never open and click any link given in emails carry meaningless character:

Mostly hackers target the user through email so before clicking any link of emails first verify how is the sender of your messages, if messages comes from unknown person and carry meaningless character and having a link then don’t click the link. It might be malicious items and your account may hacked.

Turn on Two step authentication:

Gmail provide two step authentications for safe and secure login. It ask for phone verification while Gmail sign in is doing from any unrecognized device. To obtain this features user must have turn on two step verification for their Gmail account from Gmail sign in settings.

If you are strictly following these guidelines then your account remains safe from any illegal sign in. If you are not apply these guidelines and you are getting Gmail sign in troubles due to your Gmail account compromised just use Gmail recovery option to get reset your Gmail account once again and resume your pending services. for any technical glitches just contact Gmail customer service contact number and get the live Gmail support for your problem quickly.



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