How to add a new Hotmail Profile and Configure?


Hotmail account can help out to all customers who want send and receive a number of emails from their clients, friends, or family members. It is free web-based mail service which can open by every user on all gadgets. The user can make a stylish mail service to their mail account according to his and set up profile pictures and details of personal information. Today, when a new user joins to this mail service then he first thinks how will possible to hotmail profile settings he confuses this time but they don’t stress it will probably by few simple guidelines who every user use and solve to their query in few minutes.

How do I add my photo to Hotmail?

It is not only one or two customer problem, nowadays numerous user wants to know how he can add profile photo in Hotmail account or How do I change my date of birth on my Hotmail account?. The reason, they are new or not familiar with this mail service. Every mail user can simply explain this snag by following guidelines like

  • First of all, the user needs to open the computer/desktop and open the web browser.
  • Now, a client will type Hotmail website in any browser.
  • Next, you will require to type email address and password to your mail account.
  • After that, when you account will open then the customer can go to profile picture side click on it.
  • Then, get on edit profile button.
  • At the present, first, click on add a picture button > browse from your computer > click on save switch.
  • Now, your profile picture has been saved in your account.

How to change Profile information to Hotmail account?

Today, many users are puzzle problem to change profile info but no worry and not take tension to this hitch because you can easily change this information by following steps like

  • First, a user will open to Hotmail website and their type to account details like email id and password.
  • Next, the customer can click on profile pictures and get on edit profile.
  • After that, snap on a full name if you want, Manage your sign-in email or phone number, or click on edit personal information like date of birth, Gender, country, zip code, etc and click on save button.
  • Or the user can also change to contact information.

These are the proper guidelines to change profile picture add and change personal information if you have the query related process, How to Sign out Hotmail Account or hotmail profile picture not updating then get advice from Hotmail Technical Support specialists they will quickly help you.



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