How to Recover My Hacked or Compromised Gmail Account Guide


One of the worst things is related with any Gmail user is “account compromised”. If Google found any of the suspicious activity in your Gmail account, at that time you will receive a message which says that “you are no longer to use this account, it might have been compromised”. But could you know in what circumstances your Gmail account is compromised? If no, then no issue here I will mention some of the points so that you can know in which condition your Gmail account is compromised.

  • When you stopped getting emails then it means your account is compromised.
  • When you receive any notification about an unusual login which you didn’t recognize.
  • If you receive notification in which your username and password was changed.
  • In some of the cases your friends complains that they receive spam message from your side.
  • If your last account activity of your Gmail account shows that sigh-in activity at unusual times from unusual computers.
  • If any time you receive red bar at the top of the Gmail account which intimates that “we have detect suspicious activity in your account”.

So what you will do if your Gmail account is compromised? Make sure if you are not serious about your Gmail account then surely you will lose your account. To get rid of this problem just follow the steps below where I mention few of simple solution which make you trouble free.

How to Recover My Hacked or Compromised Gmail Account

  1. If you think that, someone hijacked your Gmail account or account is compromised then secures your Gmail account by changing the Gmail password. When you choose the Gmail password, always choose the combination numbers, letters and special characters so that no one can easily hack your Gmail account.
  2. Immediately remove all possible viruses from your account which creates this issue. Here I suggest you to install the best antivirus software, you can also clean your computer and reinstall your operating system.
  3. Unfortunately if you are not able to sign in your Gmail account then, immediately fill the account recovery form. Once you will fill this form, then person will check into your request as fast as possible.
  4. If any of the users see the red bar on the top of the screen which says that “we have detected suspicious activity in your account” this happens because Google thinks that any hackers try to access your account. So you have to click on that link in the bar, so that you will see list of devices you recently used to detect anything suspicious.


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