How to Sign up a New Hotmail Account?


Hotmail account creation is a first step to use this fabulous email service, a number of people use to this mail service in the worldwide. However, a user creates new Hotmail account then he will get a number of benefit to this mail service like he can use this Hotmail account for individual or professional use. You can create one or more than one Hotmail account and connect to this mail account from another mail service like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or others.

How is Hotmail Account helpful to the customer?

The customer can send and receive numerous messages from this mail account. He can share Video, Document file, pictures, or any other date from Hotmail account on one click. The user can easily access Hotmail account on any web browser and devices like iPhone, Computer, iPad etc.

How to fix to Create a Hotmail account Problem?

No stress, if you don’t know the process to sign up Hotmail account. Get step by step guidelines here

  • Visit the Hotmail website – First of all, you require to open any browser on your computer or other devices where you can type Hotmail, then you will get first website click on it and wait to open Hotmail account.
  • Fill in the sign-up page – Now, a user can type the full name of the account and after that, he will create email id of Hotmail account.
  • Go into your personal information – Next step, a client will create a strong password it should be unique and minimum with 8 characters.
  • Fill out the contact information – After that, generate new password customer will enter all contact information like phone number and email address. It will help out to the customer when a client wants recovery to Hotmail account.
  • Fill out the country, zip code, date of birth, gender – Now, the customer can type the country of their local location, zip code or city, date of birth and gender, etc.
  • Fill out the Captcha – Next, enters the image Captcha.
  • Enter Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy – After that, fill up Captcha user can tick on Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of Hotmail account.
  • Log into your email account – Now, you have created to your Hotmail account and the user can login Hotmail account by entering the email address and password and click sign in button.

It is enough to process to create new Hotmail account, but any user wants help related account setup then he can take the assistance of Hotmail Customer Service experts and know the solution of every problem-related Hotmail account like How to sign out Hotmail account.



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