My Hotmail Account has been blocked and we can’t recover it?


Some people have to face many problems when their Hotmail account does not allow to login. They search many login solutions on the internet and follow on Hotmail account, but they can’t find the right solution and not allow to login to their email account. You can read this article because it contains several reasons which block Hotmail account. We are providing a simple way by which you can unblock and recover your email account. You can follow the method and recover your account easily.

Different reasons to block the Hotmail account

1. You entered the wrong password several times

Sometimes, many users enter the wrong email address and password several times and Microsoft blocks the Hotmail account. Microsoft follows their security policy and understands that somebody is trying to hack email account by guessing a password. So, it locks email account for some time.

2. Hotmail account has been compromised

If your Hotmail account has been compromised by somebody and tries to access private information of a real user, Microsoft blocks your account.

3. Sending many spams or junk mails to others

If your account is misused by someone and he is sending many junk emails to other email accounts, Microsoft server judges that your email account has been misused by someone, so it blocks email account. After blocking email account, you can’t send even a single message and can’t allow to login in your account until it unblocks the account.

How to Unblock or recover Hotmail account?

You can recover or unblock your account by using steps. It is a simple way to recover email account. Follow these steps sequentially and unblock Hotmail account.

  • Visit on Hotmail account recovery page to recover your account.
  • Click on Continue button present on account recovery page.
  • Enter your email address to verify your identity.
  • It provides two ways to recover Hotmail account.
  1. Choose an email address to send verification code.
  2. You can also use a registered mobile number to get verification code text message.
  • Click on Send Verification code button, you will get a message within 30 minutes. If your account didn’t receive message or mail, you can resend code again.
  • Open your mail or text message and enter it at right place.
  • Enter the new password and login Hotmail account again with the new password.

For more beneficial information, you can also visit on Microsoft Customer Support or Hotmail technical support. If you are facing any other technical fault related Hotmail account then you can ask every answer from specialists, they will better guide you.



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