Solutions, Why we Can’t Sign into Microsoft Hotmail account?


As a human being, remembering of all information most of the time is not possible. Sometimes, we slip the information or forget the password of Hotmail account and can’t sign in the account. It may be the reason for not sign in Hotmail account problem, but there are also some other reasons or issues related to Microsoft Hotmail account which create problems. You can read them and also resolve a problem by using below steps.

We are providing some valuable suggestions which will help you to get back into your Hotmail account. First, you should try simple or topmost methods after that next. Whenever your sign in account problem is resolved, you can quit the process.

1. Password entering problem

Seldom, we remember and enter correct password of Hotmail account, but faces login problems. To resolve this problem, you should make sure that your keyboard’s caps lock button turned off or not. If not first turn off and again enter your password. It may resolve your problem.

2. Two-steps-verification

Before login to your Hotmail account, make sure that two-step-verification of your account is turned off or not. If not, it will not allow you to sign in using login password because in two-step-verification you have to enter password which is generated by your account. For instant help you can get technical support from Hotmail Customer Service engineers anytime.

3. Clean your browser history

If you are still facing login problem after following above methods, you can clean your browser history. Because browser history contains cache, cookies and some files having login details. So, they create problems, you can delete or reset browser history to overcome this problem.

4. Restart your system

You can also restart your system by pressing switch off button of CPU. If there are any problems related to booting, it will resolve completely and your system will work efficiently.

Users who are still facing Hotmail login problem, they can send a query through comment box field. After receiving your valuable query, they will reply soon with reliable solutions of your account problems.



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