Turn on Two Step Verification in Gmail to Ensure Strongest Security For Gmail Account


Today every person is very serious about their email account because they knew any time their account should hack if they show any small mistake regarding their Gmail account. This post will helps you to strengthen the security of your Gmail account. Because today online accounts and mostly Google are mostly targeted by the criminals because they easily access in your account and steal your all personal and professional information without your knowledge.

So how can you protect your Gmail account from these hackers? And if there is no such action take place immediately then definitely might be possible your Gmail account going to be hacked. But don’t worry here I am sharing some of the best possible methods to overcome of this problem and how can you secure your Gmail account through two step verification process. 

How to Turn on Two step verification in My Gmail

Account :

Create a strong password: obviously it sounds simple but don’t forget your password is act as a first line of defense to protect your Gmail account. So, whenever you are going to create your account, always strong password which is combination of letters, numbers, special characters etc so that no one can easily hack your Gmail account.

  1. Ensure about your last account activity: if you thinks that someone access your Gmail account without your knowledge then you can this by viewing your last account activity.
  2. And finally you will go with best feature called 2-step verification process. Here user can protect their Gmail account by setup the 2-step verification process in their Gmail account.In this
  3. In this process user have to enter a code along with the password, each time you log in at new location. So here we go with to setup the 2-step verification process in Gmail.
  4. First for this verification process you have to log in your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.
  5. Once you enter in your Gmail account, look top right side where you find setting icon, click on that icon. Then scroll it and find the setting option and once you find that option hit it.
  6. Under the setting option you have to go with account tab. And under the account tab you have to choose Google account setting. After that you will automatically taken to the screen where you can manage your setting. And click on manage security.
  7. After that click on recovery option and edit it. Here you can add email address and phone number to this section.
  8. After that for verification it will sends you a text message as a test. And move to 2-step verification section and edit it and set it as ON.

It’s done! You are all done. Your 2-step verification is activated now.




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