Unable to Upload Attachments in Hotmail and “can’t Attach Files in Hotmail” – How to Resolve it?


Why can’t I open attachments in Hotmail? I Can’t attach a file in Hotmail? Today, It is general occur that countenance by a number of customers. Every user uses Hotmail accounts for send and receives a number of files but due to a various cause, they are troubling to attach a file or sending error. A number of times users complain I am failing to send the file in Hotmail account, can’t attach files in hotmail what should I do. No worry in this article we will explain each steps to an explanation to this problem and give help to all customers till they will easily send to file without any problem.

How to Attach/Send File in Hotmail Account on Computer, iPhone, Mobile Phone?

It is very easy process when you follow simple steps like

  1. To start with open the sign in page of Hotmail website on any browser.
  2. Now you can type the email id and password, click on sign in button.
  3. Next, wait for account open.
  4. After click on ‘New’
  5. Later than a user can type the email address where they want to send the file for example aaaaa@Hotmail.com or other email address.
  6. Next, add subject to this mail.
  7. After you will type the message related your mails.
  8. Subsequently, click on attach and choose to your file where you have save your file.
  9. Last, click on send

The process has been complete to attach the file by Hotmail account, if you have doubt or problem related Unable to upload attachments in hotmail, what to do if you unable to attach a file in hotmail account? Or these methods contact to Hotmail Tech Support USA specialists they will help you.

Some Common Reasons Why such Difficulties are Arising

  • Hotmail Attachment File Size is too long – Hotmail gives 20 MB file size to every free customer if the user attaches more than 20 MB, then attachment won’t upload in Hotmail.
  • Internet Provider Block the Domain – A number of time, the network administrators or Internet service providers block the domain used by email services to host the attachments. This time you need contact your network administrator.
  • Selection Window goes to Background – When the selection window goes to background, the attach file to be uploaded will not come into view. Now you need to minimize or close all the opened tabs to find the choose window.
  • Anti-Virus Block the Attachment – When you are attaching to any file then many antivirus also common occur. This time user may attempt and re-upload the attachment after disable the antivirus in such cases.
  • Extension of the file is not compatible – Every user will be face problem to attach the file when the extension of the file is considered suspicious by Hotmail.
  • Old Browser version – Many time if the user is attaching the file from any particular browser but the file is not sending then you may change to browser or update to this current browser version. It can be the reason to cannot attach files to my hotmail.
  • Make Sure Internet Service is working fine or not – If you internet is not working well then you can’t upload to attachment file Hotmail. Check your internet is working very well, plug-in, or restart to your internet if the file is not attaching.
  • The unwanted plug-in installed – In this case, you need to disabled unwanted plug-in.
  • Browser cache is causing the interruption – Your browser’s cookies and history should be cleared.


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