How do you Change or Reset Hotmail Account Password on Computer, Android Phone or iPhone?


Reset Hotmail Account Password:  Hotmail account needs a number of customers who want to send and receive a number of emails at the personal or professional stage. They can modify and update their account by easy setting. As you may be known every account should be secure otherwise anyone can hack into your account and misuse to your personal account. If you are a regular client to Hotmail then a number of times you will require the solution where situation automatically change or modify your Hotmail account password like the user has forgotten Hotmail password, hotmail password hack, unable to access Hotmail account etc. This time, Hotmail user wants some idea to change Hotmail password as it creates your account secure.

Reasons for Hotmail Password Change

You cannot guess right problem to change Hotmail password but some are the common occur like

  1. User shares their password to anyone.
  2. When you choose an easy password for your Hotmail account.
  3. If you don’t apply some security tips related Hotmail account safe.

Methods to Create Genuine Hotmail Account Password or Security tricks

Learn here some basic tips for your Hotmail account security by creating the strong password like

  • Use some number, symbol, special character for your Hotmail password.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone it can be dangerous for your account protection.
  • Change to your Hotmail account password regularly after intervals like monthly or yearly.
  • Make sure you can check your account activity regularly when you have access account last time or others.
  • Whenever you use your account from outside home or office then you should delete the history, and proper sign out your account.

When customer will apply to following steps then he can definitely secure Hotmail account from hackers.

How to Change Hotmail Password on various Devices?

As you will know why change password process is very important for everyone. When the client uses a weak password then several hackers got access to your account and misuse and read some emails/communication to your personal or professional email account.

The process of Change Hotmail Password Generally

If you want a way to no one can get access to your Hotmail account then you will first change your password and use to some security tips like

  1. First of all visit to
  2. Now, a user can type current password who you remember.
  3. Next, enter your new password, once again type the new password for confirming it is right.
  4. Last get on Next button.

How do I Solve Various Hotmail Password Problems?

A process to Change Hotmail Password on Computer/PC/Desktop

If you use computer/pc/desktop device for access Hotmail account then you can change account live password reset on your computer or other devices by following easy instructions like

  • Firstly open your Hotmail account by entering email address and password, click on sign in button.
  • At the present go to the “toolbar”.
  • Now here choose your accounts.
  • Next, you can click “Accounts” and you will get the list of your email accounts.
  • After that select the email accounts whose password you want to change and click on.
  • Later email account properties will open on your computer screen; go to the “Server”.
  • Then visit mail server and now you can type your new Hotmail password, it should be unique.
  • Next click OK button gives permission to change your password.
  • Last, click on close button.

Now you Hotmail account password have been changed to a Computer device. You can also get the question to this problem from Hotmail Customer Service Support experts they will solve your problem in few seconds.

A process to Change Hotmail Password on Android Phone

Find out a solution to change Hotmail account password on Android phone by following guidelines like

  • Initially open you Android phone and go to menu tap and there open your Hotmail app.
  • Subsequently select more and choose account settings.
  • Later choose account settings
  • After go for incoming settings and type your new password.
  • Final step, Tap next.

Process to Change Hotmail Password on iPhone & iPad

If you open your Hotmail account on iPhone & iPad then you can easily change the password on these devices by following steps like

  1. To begin with open the iPhone or iPad gadgets.
  2. Next user can go to home screen and select settings.
  3. Now click on it.
  4. After that appear for “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar” and choose it.
  5. Later pick Hotmail account from the list then choose account option.
  6. Subsequently, you can change the password, type your new password.
  7. Lastly, push done.

I hope by this article you have solved to your change Hotmail password problem on Computer, PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone appliances.



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