Google Chrome (IT Support Numbers)

Google Chrome is one of the finest web browsers which has highest users base all across the globe. Though, sometimes Google chrome confronts some technical errors such as "the application failed to initialize properly" or "Google chrome has crashed". Such situations become very annoying for the users when they have to do some important work on web. Most of the users do not know how to fix these error messages and they feel the need to acquire Google technical support for instant solution.

Here, I’m going to furnish some step by step instructions/methods which may assist you in repairing your Google Chrome.

By Uninstalling and Reinstalling your Google Chrome

  1. First of all, we suggest you try to reinstall your Chrome browser before trying other fixes or other solutions
  2. Now uninstall the chrome browser from your system. In order to uninstall chrome on Windows operating systems you need to navigate to the control panel and here you’ve to choose “Programs and Features” or “Uninstall a Program”. Simply choose the Google Chrome from the available list and hit on “Uninstall” Option.
  3. Open the official website of Google Chrome in your default browser i.e.
  4. Click on the "Download Chrome" option available on the page. By doing this it will automatically download the exact version for your OS.
  5. When the downloading has finished, click on the installation file to Run.
  6. Sign into Chrome browser. To do so, you need to open the “Settings” menu and click on Sign in button to Chrome option. Here you need to enter your Google account information. Check to perceive if your problem has been resolved or not.

By shutting down a Frozen Tab or Window

  1. In order to close a frozen tab/window you need to hit Shift + Esc tab to open the Chrome Task Manager.
  2. Select the frozen extensions or tab from the available list. Then, click on “End Process” option. By doing this it will force the extension or tab to close.
  3. Repeat the above steps in case you found any other frozen extensions or tabs.

Disable the Extensions

An extension you have installed might be the reason of your problems. To o find out the main cause of your problem we suggest to disabled all of your extensions, and then again re-enable them one-by-one until you get the corrupt one. You can do this by following below steps:

  1. First go to the Menu button which appears like (Ξ) this. Here you need to navigate Tools > Extensions
  2. Uncheck all extensions available in the list one by one.
  3. After this, Restart your chrome browser
  4. When it re-opens, test the browser. If your browser still showing issues, then it wasn't your extensions. In such situation try some other methods. If Chrome is working smoothly without any error, proceed for the next step.
  5. At last, enable all the extensions one-by-one until you get the one that's creating problems.

By clearing all the cookies

  1. Open Menu button and select Settings. In the settings, choose "Show advanced settings" link.
  2. Now click on “Content settings” button which is available in the Privacy section.
  3. Make a click on “All cookies and site data” button and then click the “Remove all option”

Through checking the Proxy Settings

  1. Click on the Menu button and select Settings
  2. Select "Show advanced settings" link.
  3. Click on “Change proxy settings” button
  4. Select “LAN Settings”
  5. Make sure that "Automatically detect settings" is checked

By Clearing the Local Storage Folder

A harmful user files may be the reason of your Google Chrome poor working. With clearing such files may fix the issue. To do this, follow below steps:

  1. First shut down your all Chrome windows and then go to the Control Panel and click on "Folder Options".
  2. Click on the “View” tab and select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".
  3. Click on “OK” button. Then navigate to your Chrome user data folder. For this you can search for “C:\ Users\ Your Username \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\”
  4. Remove all the files available in this section.
  5. At last Launch your Google chrome safely.

Google chrome customer support services

If your Chrome still causing problems or you have some other query related Google Chrome then reach the experts at Google Chrome technical support. All you need to do just dial Google Chrome Customer support helpline Phone Number and get connect with expert team and resolve the issue on the precise time. You can get all kind of technical glitches related to Chrome like connectivity issues with Google chrome, crashing issues, compatibility issues and many more by calling on toll free number of Google chrome technical support. One can obtain service 24*7 throughout the year even in odd hours.