HP Technical Support

HP printers are well known for its durability and accessibility. Regardless of being highly consistent in the most difficult and rough and tough conditions, HP printers may still show problems and refuse functioning properly.

User may face a plenty of technical glitches in their HP printers which directly hamper the work productivity. Some of the common technical glitches faced while working with the printer are as follows:

  • Printer is not printing
  • Incorrectly aligned cartridges
  • Driver related issues
  • Speed issue
  • Printer is not responding to commands
  • Printer is offline
  • Corrupted and missing Drivers
  • Paper jam
  • Faded printing text

Solution to fix paper jam issue in Hp Printer

When a paper gets stuck in the HP printer, a jam may happen, and the printer will either push out a creased, grubby paper, or it will stop, and you will have to pull out the paper that is stuck. Clear a paper jam on HP printer by opening up the printer and extracting the obstacle.

Step by step instructions to clear the HP printer

  1. First of all you are recommended to check paper tray of the printer. If you find any loose paper in this tray then remove it gently.
  2. Cart off the rear access door of the inkjet printer offered by HP. By doing this you become able to look into the printer to find where paper may be stuck.
  3. Eliminate any further paper jam risks by picking up the front cover of your HP printer.
  4. After doing this check the print carriage of the inkjet printer to ensure it is smoothly functioning.
  5. You can check the function of your printer and its additional damaging risks by following below steps:
    1. Refill plain paper into your printer’s paper tray carefully.
    2. Press the Resume knob down until a test paper starts to print

Call HP Technical support for help if the test page does not print, or if you are repeatedly facing paper jams in HP printer. Except this, if you are facing any other sort of technical glitches with printers, it is always recommended to take assistance from HP printer customer support team who are well-organized and qualified enough to provide support in maintenance as well as repair of the printers.

HP Printer customer support services

With such superior techniques, it is almost unfeasible for a user who doesn’t hold much technical knowledge to fix printer related issues in case it crashes. Under such situations what is really required is instant HP customer support service for all types of problems, available 24*7 and 365 days a year without any hassle.

So, any technical issues that you may go through with your printer just make a call at HP printer technical support phone number and they will direct you throughout the whole troubleshooting process of fixing the error in an efficient manner.